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14 – Trying not to die on the 40

There are an astonishing number of trucks on the 40, carrying things back and forth across the country and basically keeping life and commerce going. That, of course, means there are an astonishing number of people driving those trucks. Most of them are very good drivers, maybe a little speedy sometimes, but careful. Long haul trucking is their business, they know what they’re doing, and they do it well.


I’m sure these are all very careful drivers

Every now and then you may encounter a a different kind of truck driver. Maybe they’re new. Maybe they’re driving on far too little sleep and far too much coffee. Maybe they wear glasses without which they can see only the barest outlines of the world and which have fallen off, leaving them groping around frantically in an effort to find their one connection to visual clarity as they lose focus on the road and the truck begins to weave erratically until the magic lenses have been retrieved just in time for them to see they’re headed for the median and overcorrect before getting things back on track.

Or maybe they’ve got some obscure beef with the world so they’ve decided to act like a damn menace.

If you’ve ever been boxed in with one fully loaded cargo truck in front of you, another behind and two more alongside, one of them tailgating a double trailer that has been driving so erratically for the last 20 miles that no one wants to be anywhere near it, but the driver has now apparently made it their mission to keep any traffic from passing just for funsies, all while everyone is driving at 70 miles an hour with a concrete median on one side and a very rocky verge on the other and “Caution, Dangerous Crosswinds Possible” signs flashing past when the double trailer begins to fishtail ever so slightly….

Well, you know exactly what I mean.
If you haven’t experienced that, believe me, you should avoid it. It will turn your hair white.



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